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What happens when a challenger brand becomes even further challenged by newly imposed regulations? The business stagnates and DRUM gets called in to grow the brand to new heights.

Binary options, a niche trading product, comprised ninety percent of Nadex’s business but conveyed a negative connotation for certain investors — despite Nadex being the first public exchange to openly regulate their trade. What’s more: Ninety percent of their customer acquisition volume came from Google and Facebook. When both platforms made sweeping policy updates that prevented Nadex from running ads or bidding on binary option keywords, their business was effectively left for dead.

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multi-touch attribution and
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Our Approach

We began by modeling their highest-value customers to determine the ideal audiences to target, creating a media plan equal parts strategic and evolutionary in nature. Then, we bookended these efforts with refreshed creative to support new messaging and CTAs, as well as the expansion of content from static-only to video and dynamic units. All of these improvements were layered on rapidly yet iteratively to ensure we understood which new tactics drove the most profound results.

The Results

Meanwhile, we modeled the entirety of their first-party data, enriched by third-party data, in order to prioritize and size prospect segments. DRUM diagnosed the expected media consumption and resulting consumer journeys of each segment — revealing a much more diverse ecosystem of touchpoints than just Google and Facebook. We also conducted in-depth interviews of prospects to understand which aspect of their exchange — beyond binary options — was most compelling.

Then, in order to prioritize investments, messages and audiences, DRUM used multi-touch attribution and conversion rate optimization tactics — which allowed us to weight and optimize according to the contribution of all marketing efforts and onsite touchpoints. We also created and established a source of truth that paired lifetime value with acquisition cost to create a richer readout of success. And even though DRUM accomplished all of this in less than four months, the results have yielded consistent growth that only continues to scale with each coming month.

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