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“Reverse Makeover”: Engagement, acquisition

When you’re an insurance brand, it’s not always easy to get people’s attention — especially on social media. Even under the best of circumstances, it’s a crowded, noisy space. And let’s be honest: Insurance remains a decidedly . . . errrr, low interest topic. After all, customers generally think about insurance only when filing a claim, when paying their bill, or when it comes time to purchase a policy.

Meanwhile, Chubb is far from a discount insurance brand. The Zurich-based behemoth provides superior coverage to an audience that cares deeply about their property and possessions — and about the process through which those items are protected (and potentially replaced). Chubb approached DRUM with a straightforward but ambitious goal: Drive newly affluent Generation X and millennial leads to engage and find an agent online.


Our Approach

In order to be successful, the campaign required stellar creative — and then some. It also needed a seamless, full-funnel plan for web acquisition in a packed social media space. DRUM quickly built three executions, each of which was designed to grab attention at different stages of consideration. Through these upper-funnel tactics, we built a qualified audience pool and re-marketed through dynamic display units to ultimately convert on campaign-specific landing pages.

The Results

Bottom line? The strategy worked. So did the creative. Affluent Gen Xers and millennials are engaging and reaching out to Chubb agents online, proving that social is in fact a viable channel for lead generation. And suddenly, a “low interest” topic has earned a high five.

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