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Growth Media

If you’re reading this, you have a challenge to solve — or, depending on your disposition, an opportunity to exploit. At DRUM, we deliver the best possible solutions, connecting strategy, execution and analytics.

A-List Talent

What do 360i, Hearts & Science, Zenith, Resolution Media, Edelman, Draft FCB, SapientRazorfish and Horizon Media all have in common? They all served as a training ground for our one-of-a-kind media leadership team.


  • Jonathan Zajicek

    Chief Analytics, Tech and
    Media Officer

Media Mid
  • Kenshoo
  • Brightedge
  • SalesForce
  • GMP
  • Dataroma

Proven Technology

No single piece of martech or unified tracking solution can circumvent the walls fortified by major advertising platforms, nor can it override the increasing proclivity of ad blockers. Other agencies can’t even admit the problem.

Deep connection with major platforms.

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Google Partner
  • MicroSoft

Growth starts with a strong foundation.

Vendors and platforms have come and gone while these channels have endured to form the modern foundation of any business’s advertising program. Our depth of expertise within each of these channels complements the broad strategic thinking that leads every client.

  • Combining the power of strong content and smart strategy to outpace the competition
Paid Search
  • Matchmaking your brand with consumer intent to drive action
Paid Social
  • Reaching your customer on the world’s most popular platforms
  • Intelligently and efficiently reaching your targeted consumer across the web alongside high-quality content

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Todd Silverstein

Chief Growth Officer