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Data & Decision Sciences

With a deeper understanding of customers comes more memorable experiences that in turn drive better results. DRUM’s Data and Decision Sciences team makes it easy to understand how your prospects and customers engage with your marketing programs — onsite and offsite content, as well as paid, owned, earned and shared channels. You’ll discover what’s performing (and what’s not) — and get the insights you need to adjust and move forward.


  • Julie Grantier

    Manager, Analytics & Decision Sciences

  • Melanie Graham

    Manager, Analytics & Decision Sciences

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We also recognize that no single technology or unified tracking solution can circumvent walled gardens, override ad blockers or prevent cookie deprecation. That’s why DRUM’s data platform:

  • Evolves with the expectation of constant change
  • Empowers our media and content strategies
  • Utilizes prescriptive data and structured, real-time insights to optimize across channels
  • Always puts the target audience at the center
  • Maximizes the efficiency of every marketing platform we use

Turn your data into a strategic asset

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Receive clear insights quickly and accurately through our easy-to-use automated interface.

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Single Customer View

Connect systems used to measure CRM, points of sale and other customer touch points for a more complete view.

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Data Modeling

Apply unique machine learning methods to discover who to target, who’s likely to convert and how key audiences grow.

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Customer Data Management

Create secure, centralized storehouses of customer data that follow all necessary guidelines while connecting front-of-house and back-of-house systems — all across highly regulated industries, including finance and healthcare.

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Martech Integration & Advisement

Maximize the power of your first-party data. Then, connect to various third-party and enterprise data sources to integrate everything into our media buying platform — all to enrich your reporting, analytics and more.

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Predictive Analytics

Solve business problems that encompass all aspects of your organization, not just answer myopic marketing questions.

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